You're Able

You're able
to love completely.

You're able,
my sins to forgive.

You're able
to heal the sickly,

And able
to make the dead live.

You're able
to bring to justice.

Lord, there's nothing
too hard for You...

What for man
is impossible,

You are able
with ease to do.

Constance V. Walden
Read Ephesians 3:20 and Hebrews 7:25

He Was God

He was God
according to the Spirit.
He was man
according to the flesh.

He was the Son of God,
He was the Son of man,
This Jesus
of Nazareth.

When He came to earth
He walked as a man,
but, God looked out
through His eyes;

And, all the angels of Heaven
and the demons of hell
knew that Jesus
was God in disguise.

Constance V. Walden

"He would not let the demons speak because they knew who He was."  Mark 1:34

The Only One

Not one, my Lord, not one
from the east to the setting
of the sun –

There is not a soul
that is righteous, Lord.
The search has found, not one;

I am going to send My Son,
since I know He’s the Only One,

Who, through His pure faith
and righteousness
will see that My will is done.

Constance V. Walden

Read Romans 3: 9-26
and Revelation 5: 1-9

My First Love

Jesus is my First Love,
above all other loves;

No one comes before Him
in earth or Heaven above.

The deepest love
that there can be

Is found between
Jesus and me…

Jesus is my First Love,
throughout eternity.

Constance V. Walden

Read 1 Peter 1:8-9

What Does Jesus Mean To Me?

What does Jesus mean to me?
Forgiveness of my sins
and eternal life through Him.

What does Jesus mean to me?
The gift of God to share -
Grace abounding everywhere.

What does Jesus mean to me?
God's perfect sacrifice
and His bright and shining Light.

What does Jesus mean to me?
A Friend up there Who cares,
Who has love beyond compare.

Constance V. Walden

" the name of Jesus, every knee should bow, in Heaven, and on earth, and under the earth..." Philippians 2:10

Trust In Jesus and Pray

When the clouds
hang heavy over you,
and you haven't seen
the sun in days;

And, the waters
rise up over you,
and you're pounded
by relentless waves;

And, the sea is cold
and black beneath you,
and there's not a bit
of land in sight...

Take full courage,
trust in Jesus, and pray
He'll see you safely
through the night.

Constance V. Walden

Read Matthew 8: 23-27

Faithful Forever

Faithful forever,
Oh Lord, I shall be.

Like a bride who is faithful,
I shall wait for Thee;

And, while I'm on the earth,
all others I'll spurn...

I'll be faithfully waiting
for Thee to return.

Constance V. Walden